This may be grim news to basketball fans but went quiet during the day yesterday. According to Billy Hunter, who’s the head honcho of the NBA Players Association, the 2011-12 NBA season is in jeopardy. Per his words with the Baltimore Sun, “If I had to bet on it at this moment, I would probably say no.” Hunter said. Hunter also stated that league owners and the players are “$800 million apart per year,” in terms of an agreement towards a new collective bargaining agreement.

If the NBA learned anything from the NFL lockout it’s that posturing and preening for the cameras trying to gain acceptance from the general public usually is a good thing – for a while. After that, when the calendar gets closer and closer to the start of training camp and actual regular season games then crunch time occurs. When the league just experienced it’s best season in decades, has more talent spread out over the country than maybe ever before and its major markets all vying for the crown, the league cannot let it happen.

Fans at the moment don’t necessarily care as much about the Association’s lockout because its early and has only lasted a month. Let this thing move into October where the swishing of nets should be heard coinciding with the roar of crowds in 70,000+ seat stadiums. Christmas Day basketball may be nearing a dark day meaning NBA fans may be shedding Bosh tears if Hunter’s words ring true.

At least we may have NBA 2K12 to hold us over.

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