What’s the purpose of being a rebel if you don’t have a message behind you? In April, I posed that exact question to Rebel Je’, a man who I had known for several years and just touched base with after a lengthy split. What morphed out of that conversation became the frequent Rebel Mondays series that was featured here and culminated in Je’s first full offering in quite sometime: Rebel & A Dream.

Glossing over the tracklist and you may see a few cuts that have filtered through these parts for the past quarter or so but all of them have been reworked and touched up just so the project would have a lot more cohesion. Not to mention my voice is what leads the tape off, one of the questions Je’ presented towards me when we recently chatted about the direction of the project.

Je’ wastes very little time from the onset letting people know who he is exactly, what motivates him (namely the gunshot that left him confined to a wheelchair) and having a knack for darting in and out of bluesy yet dreary concoctions from the likes of Madd Keys, Omar Sparks & John Wade.

A hat tip to Marvin Gaye, a pay attention salvo laced upon Tyler, the Creator‘s bug ingesting “Yonkers” and more litter the fifteen track tape, all of it “rebel music”, all of which cosigned by yours truly.

Tracklist & Download link after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Rebel Je’ – Rebel & A Dream