Drama in music is common place. Too common actually. As a matter of fact, the lone diva who packs enough drama to be considered a “trainwreck” by one of my colleagues would be Lauryn Hill and if we’re talking about Ms. Hill then we’re talking about her recent issues with the father of her five children, Rohan Marley.

Hill recently gave birth to her sixth (!) child and while everyone was happy, Marley wasn’t. Marley went on record as saying there were “years of incorrect info and the baby was not his until he reported differently.” Not to mention the fact that the son of Robert Nesta went on Twitter to congratulate Hill on the birth, still implying that he, in the words of Maury Povich was not the father.

Even more would be that announcement Hill made via Twitter herself and of course the alleged rumors that Marley split from Hill and started dating supermodel Isabeli Fontana. All I know is this, Marley may do a dance if the paternity test comes back supporting his claims.