Local Live Media is the prime example of what it means to support local musicans and media-artists. Jordan Pannell and Ramsey Allred (aka Big Ram) recognized that local talent should have a place to go to let their voice and music be heard. We as bloggers try our best to spread the local music as much as we can, and I say DayAndADream.com does a damn good job at that. Local Live goes a step further and plays all local music and just embodies the city of Houston is musically. Be it rock, rap, country, or anything else, Local Live makes sure to bring their very best to Houstonians. I am lucky to be apart of such an organization. I (along with the rest of Twenty Eleven) hosted the short-lived Spectrum Radio show, and I am now starting up The Brad Gilmore Show on Optimo Radio. Please support local business, because remember “if it ain’t local, it ain’t live”.