Last thursday night at Mango’s was quite a night. The sixth S.P.E.A.K. event took place, and raised the bar as far as the S.P.E.A.K. shows go. The night started off with A.D.D. taking the stage to a packed out Mango’s (most of the crowd was there for T2) A.D.D. pleased the crowd with his self-produced, “Fades Away”.
Once it was time for T2 The Ghetto Hippie, the man himself pulled up in a 1980s style all white  limousines full of (according to T2) “bottles and bitches”. The crowd was wall-to-wall as Big Ram of Optimo Radio began his broadcast of the entire show. T2 took the stage and performed an excellent show, and a H-Town fueled song selection. Once the “Ghetto Hippie” finished, it was time for the one and only, the ever-so-outspoken, iLL LiaD.
iLL stepped upon the Mango’s stage as if I had to prove himself to a new group of people. I found out that the majority of the crowd knew Brandon Rodriguez, but few knew about iLL LiaD. As always iLL has his wingman Jon Black, the two host a show on Local Live every Monday and Wednesday, known as “Protect Yo Neck”, and his frequent collaborator, Rusty James. The defiant anthem, “We Can’t Be Stopped” definitely caught the attention of most of the audience.
The night was still young, and the venue still packed. Next up, I took a backseat to promoting the show, so I could join Tre-Will, D. Jones, DJ Motai, and Ave on the stage for a special Twenty Eleven performance. I received a phone call from Eric Dean earlier in the day and he insisted that Twenty Eleven play. We had the familiar antics, bringing girls up on stage, while we jump off of it. The crowd was really feeling the vibe, including S.P.E.A.K. Veteran, Buckamore. Right as we finished our set, we had a special guest arrive.
As A.D.D. performed his song, which is normally done with Fat Tony, he announced the arrival of lengendary Houston rapper, leader of the S.P.C., K-Rino. K stopped and chatted with me and Ram in the parking lot about his album, that released that day, The Day of the Storm. As that was going on, and the crowd was awaiting The Southeast Beast, we had to take a short intermission for Swishahouse‘s own Badboy BMC and the founder himself, Michael “5000” Watts.
Once Watts set up his gear, we got to hear the lyrical talent of Doughbeezy. Mr. No Pad No Pen, commanded crowd attention and made plenty of new fans that night, I heard a couple crowd members freak out when Dough proclaimed he was “smoother than your daddy’s bald spot”. He performed cuts from Reggie Bush and Kool-Aid and then chunked the deuce to the crowd.
If you couldn’t tell by all the purple stickers and CD samplers that were passed around, ATX‘s own Zeale Rapz. He wowed the crowd with his dizzying double time flow, and his captivating live performance. It was truly awe-inspiring. The only thing that I wish is that the crowd would have been larger, so more could experience the spectacle that is Zeale.
He finished his set and the amazing, Houston legend, Michael “5000” Watts began to spin his “trill-step” set along with the Badboy BMC, they played till about 1:00AM, then the action was in the patio, where Twenty Eleven, Derty Money, and Zeale started a small cypher, where Zeale proclaimed he was “gonna do like Beyoncè and fuck destiny”. Overall it was the best S.P.E.A.K., and lord only know what’s going to go down at 7.
For those of you who want to hear the entire show, click the link below.  S/O to Big Ram and Jordan Pannell