After a strong run being merely a retail only project, DJ Rapid Ric decided to give his strongest supporters a freebie by offering his Whut It Dew: The Album as a free download via his official site. If you’re narcoleptic in any way, shape or form then allow us to remind you what we think of Ric’s debut project:

Ric’s outline for the album judging from its features is to use everyone’s strengths. Yes, Devin appears for the traditional weed song “Getting High” backed by oomph worthy drums and a drawl worthy chorus not to mention Cory Mo lacing a potent verse to close the show. A Boss Hogg Outlaw reunion finishes off the album as Killa Kyleon & J Dawg go to the skies for “Around The World”. Killa seems right at home while J Dawg slides In with a verse that may sound off beat but considering what he’s done in the past, he’s obtained all the right to say whatever he feels, however he feels.

As the album’s lone non-Texas feature, Killer Mike shows up on ”Go Get It” with the type of grumbling flow that’s Texas approved with Lil O following him with a slight interpolation of Andre 3000’s lead verse from “Elevators”. Dark, moody and devious synths sweep through as Ric consistently shows his production skills are on par with his mixing on the tables. Even the lone break on the album, “Laid Back” sees Ric toss in a plodding set of synths, slow drums and jazz horns near the finish to create the aphrodisiac for multiple occurrences whether they be with liquor, weed or sex.

Good enough? Now go be a good hip-hop fan whether you’re from Texas or Nova Scotia and download it.

DOWNLOAD: DJ Rapid Ric – Whut It Dew: The Album