For episode 2 of J. Cole’s Cole Summer web series, the hungry North Carolina emcee goes off in search of arguably the greatest donut ever created – Krispy Kreme. Kind of odd considering that Cole’s been talking about his debut album non-stop since he got the green light for the September 27th release date.

Down below, you can catch Cole opening up more towards Hard Knocks TV about his attempts to get a Jay-Z feature for his debut album, producing “HiiiPoWeR” for Kendrick Lamar and the record “Temptations” which Lamar murdered with such ease that it forced Cole to go back and re-write his verse.

The two of them have great chemistry Cole says, and have way too much material for a mixtape thus we’re getting a joint LP from the both of them. Also discussed, the “Work Out” single and how dealing with two labels (Roc Nation & Columbia) means double the expectations. They delve deeper into the album by discussing its title, why Cole specifically wants 15 songs for the album and how No I.D. was originally set to produce the album but Cole reneged and instead went for dolo, and his frustration over the “Lost Ones” leak.

Yeah, HKTV pretty much gives you the standard bearer J. Cole interview.

[via HKTV]