There’s a slight running joke around here (alright, it’s my joke) that alternative group MANTIS is the band that the internet forgot. Or, they’re the one Houston act who prefers to keep things under wraps and the only interaction you may have with them is via their live shows which are interesting to write home about and their music. Or the other tidbit about them is that their byproducts of that fraternal Wire Road Studios that houses The Niceguys, Thurogood, UZOY and now Killa Kyleon so in other words – the go to spot in terms of homegrown talent with national implications and awareness.

As quiet as kept as front man Nick Greer may be, his vocals stretch, fluctuate between easy rock and ballad of a man whose seen the blues one too many times. That was evident on the bands Dreamers EP and its hit single “Money”. Thankfully, more MANTIS sightings means there’s more music to dish out and their first single from their upcoming EP Mantis For Sale is just what the doctor ordered. Entitled “Good Man”, Greer’s penmanship and work behind a piano are brought forth along with emphatic guitar work and more.

Greer understands his power as a songwriter and a musician, hoping his best to write the song that gets someone out of a rut or a moment of struggle. Seems important, doesn’t it? Oh and thank the lord MANTIS went digital as they’ve now added a Tumblr page & a Twitter handle as well. Goodie.

Stream below, download links after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: MANTIS – Good Man [right click, save as] | Mediafire