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Watching Sportscenter every day seems to be like torture these days. With two of the top three leagues in our country under a lockout situation, nothing seems to be bright (that and the Astros are the worst team in baseball so I have no hope in baseball, unless we’re talking Yankees). Be thankful that Hollywood at least has an imagination for certain things, well at least Funny Or Die.

Spoofing the baseball classic Field Of Dreams, Twilight-star Taylor Lautner tries to end the NFL Lockout all by himself with the help of NFL stars Ray Lewis, Desean Jackson, Tony Gonzalez, Marshall Faulk and Ray Liota as NFL commissioner Roger Goddell. Let’s just say this is the most fun I’ve had with the NFL since the Super Bowl.

Please NFL, fix your problems so I can go without one sport come the Fall. I have no hope in the NBA picking up the pieces for their lockout until Jaunary so the ball is in your endzone. Score. Just win, baby, hell do anything to get football going.