“Lord knows I don’t want to be in the penitentiary, but that is my reality” – Gucci Mane, “Trouble”

Those words above are the first lines from Gucci Mane‘s out of the pokey comeback, Writings On The Wall 2. The troubled Atlanta MC has pretty much been his own worst enemy when it comes to success because critics refuse to dent his armor. They know what kind of ignorance he’s going to bring to the table, a lot of mumbled musings about the trap, drugs & girls but his inability to capitalize on it is what’s kept Gucci Two Times stuck in neutral.

Yes, the album version of Gucci has it’s fair share of WTF moments including that god awful “Spotlight” record featuring Usher but then again when you let Gucci do him – you get cuts like “Heavy”, the Fat Boi produced banger “Wasted” and “Stupid Wild” with Lil Wayne & Cam’Ron. We’ve seen what playing ignorant can get you in hip-hop these days, ask 1017 friend Waka Flocka who ran gunshots and adlibs and those gothic Lex Luger beats to five hit singles from his debut album.

I’m aware people either love or hate Gucci in the same way they either love or hate Big Sean, just take this latest tape for your listening pleasure or skip to something better. Your prerogative.

DOWNLOAD: Gucci Mane & DJ Holiday – Writings On The Wall 2 | Alt. Link