If losing NASA wasn’t enough for Houston, there’s news regarding the possible eviction of the iconic Screwed Up Records & Tapes store in Southside Houston.

According to the Houston Press, the store has been facing eviction for quite sometime now and that the building’s landlord Dr. Pondexter needs the space to expand his dental practice. Pondexter leased the property to the late estate of DJ Screw.

Even in death, you would think the support of Screw and his movement would keep the store afloat even during this current time period where Screw is being re-educated to the masses thanks to the mixes of OG Ron C, DJ Candlestick & Michael “5000” Watts. Here’s hoping Dr. Pondexter has a love for cultural revelations in his body.

READ: Screwed Up Records & Tapes Facing Eviction (via Houston Press)