Outside of WrestleMania, there isn’t much going on worth noting in wrestling these days. I mean, R-Truth is being portrayed as a deranged individual who cracks on the Little Jimmy’s of the world and proclaims that whoever happens to to acost him that week is going to “get got”. Oh, and John Cena‘s still WWE Champion for those who were interested.

Since the mid-2000s, I’ve been a CM Punk fan. Ever since his work in Ring of Honor, I’ve been sold on him because he was actually good at the three major facets in wrestling: announcing, mic skills & actual in-ring ability. With news of his depature from the WWE hitting the airwaves a few weeks ago and his proclamation that he’s leaving on July 17th with the WWE title in hand, of course as a fan I was frustrated.

Until Punk decided to drop the 4th wall of wrestling and really let people know how he felt about working for the E. For six minutes, Punk either eviscerated Vince McMahon and his crew along with The Rock, Cena & others or dug his own grave for the next three weeks. Whether it be a work or a shoot, Punk owns Raw now. Ironically after this promo, Punk was suspended by Vince which makes me wonder the validity of the promo to begin with.

Still – it’s too awesome to ignore.