Thank the Heavens. Even though Cee-Lo has become a household name thanks to the song “F*ck You” and his work as a judge on The Voice, we still miss the emcee version of Mr. Green that never recalled ever graduating at all. In an exclusive interview with The Source discussing his new show on FUSE entitled Talking With Strangers, Green expounded upon among other things – returning to rap, knocking out the Goodie Mob reunion LP first before finishing another Gnarls Barkley album afterwards.

Green on whether or not he missed rapping:

Yeah I actually I really do, it’s the most natural place to go, and it ballooned into something resourceful and renowned, Goodie Mob is here to stay and so is Hip Hop. And we as a community need help, and I’m apart of the community, so I believe doing another Goodie Mob Album is doing a civil service, if you will.

Now, can we page Andre 3000 to make a similar statement?

[via The Source]