The chances of Lil Boosie ever leaving the confines of a Louisiana State penitentiary are inching closer and closer to nil these days. Although he’s been alleged of making threats to the district attorney in his songs, apparently there’s a little more to the situation.

According to AllHipHop, Boosie’s threats to District Attorney Hillar Moore III are a little more than just words and led to the rapper being caught trying to smuggle in codeine into the Angola prison where he’s serving time on marijuana possession.

While Boosie has lyrically attacked Moore on songs in the past, police believed there was a credible threat against the District Attorney, who is leading the investigation into the rapper’s possible involvement in as many as five murders

“I can confirm that we received information relative to a credible threat against District Attorney Hillar Moore and the District Attorney’s Office,” State Police spokesman Lt. Doug Cain told The Advocate.

Boosie is due in court on tomorrow (June 22nd) in relation to his indictment stemming from his alleged role in the 2010 murder of Terry Boyd in Baton Rouge. If convicted, Boosie could face the death penalty.