No wonder UMG has been having a field day removing links from our Mediafire page almost every day in the past week.

For years now, blogs and hip-hop sites in general have overtaken the radio and DJs in breaking new music and providing new music to the masses. We explained this heavily when covering OnSmash’s takedown by ICE late last November. Want to know who likes it but also wants to monopolize it? Universal Music Group who has teamed up with ad-firm Group M to continue what it calls an “aggressive anti-piracy policy” with media.

By creating a list, UM has effectively called out many of the same people it entrust with the promotion of their artist. The list itself is arguably one of the broadest and shrewdest ones ever put to paper with sites such as Vimeo, SoundCloud & others apart of it.

via TechDirt:

While there are many oddities on the list, we wanted to explore one aspect of the list, which is that it appears to show that Universal Music has decided to declare war on the online hip hop ecosystem that promotes its music in a big way — and some of those sites are hitting back. First of all, it’s worth noting that these blogs and sites are considered instrumental to promotion in the hip hop world, and Universal Music knows that. In talking to some of the folks at sites involved, you learn pretty quickly that they get sent tracks and other promotional info from insiders at Universal Music — including high level execs — all of the time. On top of that, hip hop artists themselves regularly rely on these same sites, and link people to them via their own blogs and twitter feeds. And yet, a whole bunch of these sites are on GroupM‘s list… and they got there because Universal Music told GroupM to put those sites on the list:

Are we on it? No, but many of the big boys including & Complex are. What does it exactly mean in terms of artist coverage on blogs? We’ll soon see.

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