Not exactly the news you would expect to hear on the eve of Shakur’s 40th birthday but it’s interesting news to add to the complex history of the rivalry between Shakur & The Notorious B.I.G.

In an exclusive interview with All Hip Hop, Dexter Isaac an associate of Jimmy Henchman confessed to the November 1994 shooting that sparked the feud between Shakur and Biggie, even admitting that Henchmen paid him $2,500 for it.

Pac himself had conflicting reports towards the shooting, tossing Henchman’s name in a verse on 1996’s “Against All Odds” stating: “Promised a payback, Jimmy Henchman, in due time/ I know you bitch niggas is listenin/ The World Is Mine/Set me up, wet me up, niggas stuck me up…”. The initial police report had two men dressed in fatigues attempt to rob Shakur and others inside of the Quad City lobby. The robbers began shooting, hitting Tupac five times including once in the head and once near his inner thigh.

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  1. Cynbad69

    $2500, really Dexter Issac! Yous the dumbest “attempted murderer” ever! Dumbass! And a BITCH! Lol! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t condone his actions at all, PAC is my dude. But there is no way I’d accept such a menial amount to “attempt” to take someone’s life. Dis nigga ain’t graduate…it’s impossible! LMAO, don’t drop the Soap mofo!


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