No, not a collaboration between the two but rather both singers take on Drake‘s “Marvin’s Room”, which since being released a few weeks ago has obtained legs through both sides of the circuit. Mainly because it deals with a topic many are familiar with and the two routes these two ladies take are quite striking.

JoJo‘s version goes after the dependency of a relationship, a willingness to hold on to things after her former beau finds another and gets enticed to spill the beans while intoxicated. Rochelle Jordan’s however goes the route that many may have taken when faced with the situation, complete and total Independence. The rising Toronto native vents on why a former lover of hers has no place in her heart or proverbial room for that matter, obviously not in the mood for late night phone calls or her ex. Invokes memories of “Irreplaceable” although the cadences between Beyonce & Jordan in this case are completely different.

Either way, the biggest winner here should be Aubrey, mainly because he’s opened the door for a cut that appeals to both sexes to offer opinions. And considering that today marks a year since Thank Me Later controlled our summer listening sessions, Take Care should have no problem repeating the feat.

Stream below, download links after the jump.

JoJo – “Marvin’s Room (Can’t Do Better)”

Rochelle Jordan – “Marvin’s Room”

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