Now that basketball season is over and done with, it’s time to assess the aftermath. Yes, Sunday night the Dallas Mavericks led by Dirk Nowitzki won the NBA Title from LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat. However, the stories in sports don’t just end with the trophy presentation on the court.

From LeBron using the “I’m Richer Than You” card to Mavericks owner Mark Cuban essentially talking over the city of Miami, here’s what you will remember about the 2011 Finals.

1. Mark Cuban is the best owner in sports.
A spoiled one? Possibly but at least Cuban saved all of his talking for when his team was seconds away from clinching what they had earned. The billionaire proceeded to curse on ESPN, rent out Miami’s super expensive Liv nightclub for a celebration party, had Birdman (who bet $2 million) that Miami would win) & Lil Wayne party with him and then to top it all off, delivered one of the strangest but completely understandable tweets in modern history.

Yeah, if you’re rich you are more than welcome to celebrate in any form possible. It’s just more disrespect to the team you just beat to party in their town like it’s East Dallas or something.

2. LeBron James Can’t Back Up Talk
Anytime LeBron says anything, it’s going to be skewered by the media and last night was no different. The “King” gave the press more dynamite to toss with not only his post game press conference but also his tweet following the game saying that God figured it wasn’t his time to win yet. To take the high road is one thing, to go even higher than that is another and obviously in his now eight years in the league, James hasn’t learned a thing about the media and has essentially made Woj’s argument with each passing statement.

After two rounds of virtually becoming the guy we thought he could be, James became a footnote in the scoring department, making plenty of mistakes on the court as well as becoming invisible in the 4th quarters of games. James may still have the final say when his career finishes but so far, the King looks reserved for regular season hardware as opposed to the trophy that matters most.

3. NBA Title tattoos apparently mean something.
When Jason Terry and Deshawn Stevenson got new ink during the season, few could think the story would matter here in mid-June. But, the ever superstitious Terry got his title wish, and saved face by not having to laser it off. Stevenson on the other hand is already on the list of idiotic tattoo ideas but getting the NBA title tatted on his neck and then following it up with an assassin’s like precision from 3 just made it worse.

Besides, after last night I’m more than certain Stevenson carries a shank on him at all times and would have literally put Mario Chalmers in pieces. Oh and that picture above? Really did happen.

4. Dirk Secured His Legacy
Throughout the 2011 Playoffs, Dirk had been chipping at the bit waiting to prove people wrong about not only his team but the preconceived notion that he was soft. Whether it be by torching the Lakers in the second round, doing absolutely everything against the Oklahoma City Thunder and then dominating the 4th quarter of each game in the Finals, Dirk made sure you knew the 2011 Playoffs were about him.

Mind boggling is that the 7-footer is pretty much Dallas in a nutshell: unsuspecting but amazingly gifted. As a big man, he’s the best shooter at his height, a virtual freak of nature that can hit from anywhere on the court with a lethal post game and enough chops to win a game in the 4th quarter. Well established as a guy who could get a 50/40/90 (field goal percentage/three point percentage/free throw percentage) along with 20 and 10 proves that Dirk could finish somewhere in anyone’s top ten list. He’s already the best Euro to ever come to the NBA and succeed. Only time will tell if he ever eclipses Hakeem Olajuwon as the best foreign born player – ever.

5. The Miami Experiment Didn’t Work … For Now
Common belief is that the Heat will make it back to the Finals, perhaps even win one when it’s all said and done. But without a definite center who can command the boards or a point guard that can make the offense go instead of the give and trade of Wade & James then they’ll have to rely on their two and a half stars to carry them through another season. If the Heat come back next season hungrier than ever to win a title and with enough vengeance to run roughshod over the league like we thought they would this season, then by all means they can do it.

However, they have to get mentally tough for one and Erik Spolestra has to figure out how to properly adjust beyond saying, “Hey LeBron, guard their most active player in the 4th quarter.”

5a. The LeBron Comparisons To Anyone Are Dead
He’s not Jordan, he’s not Magic, he’s not even Kobe. He’s LeBron, one of the more complex individuals with a gift most would die to have.