In Lupe Fiasco‘s “Words I Never Said”, the rapper point blankly told listeners why he didn’t vote for President Barack Obama saying that he’s apart of the problem in the world not catering to the down trodden but rather increasing violence all over the world.

While Fiasco’s thoughts stirred up multiple debates when “Words” first leaked to the public in late January, his comments on CBS’s “What’s Trending” set off a wildfire with Fiasco standing by his comments on the record and his thoughts on the United States government, saying that Obama was “the biggest terrorist” and inspired people in other countries to become terrorists.

If this isn’t a gold mine for FOX News to jump on, then I don’t know what is.

Quite honestly, it feels weird being a fan of Fiasco now considering that some six to seven years ago I was on board for saying that he was the future of hip-hop and how his lyric driven approach to making music would signal a change in the industry. After those thoughts pretty much got Helter Skeltered after the release of LASERS, I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that Lupe for lack of a better word has lived up to his potential as the next Nas by simply saying whatever he happens to hear as the psuedo truth and then repeating it with no facts to back his statements.

That guy who goes on and on at the barbershop (I’ll spare the Lupe needs one jokes) with various conspiracy theories that add up to a grain of salt? That’s Lupe right now, another victim of the “Smart Rappers Who Are Really Dumb” award. Commendable for his courage but like the addage goes, “Sometimes courage gets you killed.”

Since he’s an “artist”, he gets a free pass to constantly put his foot in his mouth, willing to talk down on the country which has given him the right to make the music he wishes but cry wolf while he plays the game Atlantic Records set out for him just so that LASERS could be accessed by the public. If he had simply paid attention in class and drawn his own conclusions, Fiasco might realize that wars beget wars. Conflict never ends whether it be verbal or physical like it is in Afghanistan or Libya and the US has an agenda much like he has one: make techno rap records sprinkled with small slights at the government and call them “politically charged”.

Fiasco would have been better off speaking on actual point blank travesties such as Oscar Grant‘s killer getting released from prison this week on mere manslaughter charges when it was clearly murder caught on tape.

The more words Lupe says, the more I wish he hadn’t said them to begin with.