Before the gun charge that sent him to lockup for almost two years, my lasting memory of former New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress was catching the game winning touchdown in Super Bowl XLII and completely dashing my hopes of seeing America’s Worst Sports Nightmare (luckily, the Miami Heat are two wins away from achieving that). The lanky 6’5″ receiver then went on to have what was his best season and had the Giants at 11 and 1 going into November.

Then Plax carried a gun into a club, accidentally shot himself and got the book thrown at him by Michael Bloomberg. Thankfully, NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell has already cleared the way for Burress to be picked up by any team once the lockout ends which kind of is a bad piece of timing for the troubled WR since the NFL just left lockup to arrive to a lockout as Freddie Gibbs so eloquently put it.

If Michael Vick can come out of prison a changed man, and a changed man for the better, who says Burress won’t do the same and be productive in the NFL? If Terrell Owens who’s almost 40 can still ball at peak physical condition, the same can be done for the former Michigan State star.