As a fiend for samples and someone who believes my days being considered single on my tax returns, I’d bring something old into something new when it came to my nuptials. Not necessarily at the wedding since everyone is going to clamor for a little traditional sound but when it comes to the reception, I’d like for the syncopated rhythm of Ronnie Foster‘s “Mystic Brew” to accompany me and my bride during our first dance.

Yes, you heard right, something with a little funk and a little memory since it would be the song that leads into a little “electric relaxation” during the honeymoon.

While my idea of marriage like many has been shaped and warped over the years, a woman will break and bend and plead to go through the actual ceremony of having her closest friends and supporters see her take twenty paces to stand in front of a pastor and her new husband. I’d stand looking, wondering how she’d fill out her lovely dress and sway in every way because she’d be happy as any woman would be and myself probably debating in my mind whether or not I’m going to eat the wedding cake before she does.

Ronnie Foster, “Mystic Brew”

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