Controlling my mood has always been a funny topic, even when I’m in relationships. It’s not often that I get upset or angry, hell I hardly shed tears. Mainly because there’s an explanation for everything really and once I realized that God made me short for a reason, wasn’t any use crying over things.

Which brings me to why almost anything from Anthony Kedis and his band of Chili Peppers are problem solvers when things seemingly go awry in the mind of Brando. When they reappeared on the scene in 1999, I was still somewhere in fifth grade scaring everyone within earshot about anything from Eminem‘s Slim Shady LP but had diversified everything I had into alternative music and others.As a kid who grew up in the MTV age, I knew just as much about bands such as Rage Against The Machine & Stone Temple Pillots as I would Scarface.

Still, the moody days found me listening to a “borrowed” copy of the Chili Peppers’ Californication disc and fast forwarding right past their lead single to get to “Scar Tissue”. Supremely mellow, calming, soothing, alleviating music from California even though I’ve only been there once.

Sidenote: Long before I made this Earth, my father who if you have never met him is arguably the biggest hippie with a sizeable record collection I know, fled to California sometime in the late-sixties when he was old enough before coming back home in the mid-seventies.

During that time, he’ll always remind me of how he saw Jimi Hendrix in the airport once, not realizing he was the best guitar player of his generation before a bad mix of sleeping pills claimed his life at 27. How he did all of the usual hippie things such as smoke and drink and experiment but continued to tell me whenever I bugged him about it: “California is f*cking crazy, let’s just leave it at that.”

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