What’s this, another Day & A Dream sponsored concert hitting the city? Yes, we’re making way too many connections with many of the up & comers here and with 2-Twenty making certain their name rings bells, they’ve teamed up with us, The Hive Society, LaVita Clothing, Los Cosby & SportsRappLive to present The Good Look, a free concert at Mango’s where it’s more of an appreciative give back to the city from the guys as well as the rest of the artists on the bill.

Speaking of the lineup, 2-Twenty isn’t alone in this regard as they’ve also picked up Doughbeezy, AC Gutta, Cam Wallace, Ahead of Class & more. Expect plenty of excitement to go down on June 16th and remember to park accordingly because Mango’s isn’t that fun to be around once your car is in an impound lot.

For ticket information and info visit here.

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