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Basketball is like poetry.

Every move connects to another with a finishing result that can either excite a crowd with a roar or force a heart to sink deep into someone’s stomach. While a dunk always swings the pendulum of euphoria, it’s the move before hand that begins the process.

A crossover has broken more hearts and ankles maybe more than a deadly stepback jumper and it’s claimed the ankles of many NBA careers. It’s the signature move of New York City basketball as many of its stars growing up learn how to dribble with the intent of wowing someone at the hallowed playground courts. When a crowd immediately leaps to their feet and point toward the court, it’s for that move to systematically breakdown your opponent and then the jet like roar that follows is for the score the player makes afterward.

Here, we see the origins of the move and its evolution from the likes of Pearl Washington, Tim Hardaway, Dwyane Wade, Allen Iverson & more.