Before we get into this Lauryn Hill piece, allow me to take time to bury the megamix once and for all. I loved “Racks” when it was simply that regional song you didn’t know the words to. There’s no possible way you’re going to get <a title="Listen & Download!" href="“>its bloated remix on the radio after a few verses. Can we please just keep the remix spots to maybe four artists and leave the rest to mindless freestyles? At this rate, somebody’s going to want to make a remix to Harold Camping’s rapture prediction and still be wrong.

But I digress.

Today is Lauryn Hill’s 36th birthday, one of hip-hop’s brightest stars once upon a time and now someone who should either be an ambassador for the genre or someone who should cake off of her one solo album. That being said, the days of Lauryn Hill being a well paid headliner are over.

Despite constant reports of her showing up late, badgering her band members and delivered on so-so performances, venues across the country are giving her the benefit of the doubt by allowing her to do these things simply because she created one album that with every waking day she begins to tarnish.

The aspect of seeing a car wreck in person may appeal to some people but not one that has the same antics over and over with no change in sight. We get it, she’s a baby booming vessel for the next generation of Marley’s and that may be it. Yet still, it’s not enough to have me pay plenty of dollars to see her headline a festival such as Rock The Bells.

My question is – why?

Wasn’t last year enough of a story to tell you that no, Lauryn Hill isn’t capable of matching her audience who want to go through an hour nostalgia period? This year, they’re at least appeasing to the fans by asking Lauryn to perform nothing but the entire “Miseducation” album but if you pull your eyes towards the rest of the lineup, you would more than likely pay top dollar to see Nas perform “Illmatic” in its entirety than a train wreck you’ve heard by word of mouth by many across the country.

I’ve been wondering why doesn’t anyone step in and tell Lauryn that some of her shtick doesn’t fly but when you look at it from a business standpoint, of course promoters are going to pony up the dollars to aid her college fund (she’s half way to fielding her own soccer team) as well as making the money back just from attendees who want to see Hill “perform” for lack of a better word. That entire lineup is going to feel inferior to someone who while is considered a legend (and possibly an overrated one at this point) mainly because of who can draw and who can make headlines.

So let Rock The Bells trot Lauryn out for three dates and hope for the absolute best. From what the situation is, either she’ll perform her songs and somehow make good on all the good will people have shown her or she’ll do what she’s been doing ever since she started this “comeback” by snatching fans money just to see her half-assed do it.

Someone needs to save Lauryn Hill from herself.

I only wish someone other than myself realized this.