Abel Tesfaye‘s reluctance to be seen has raised his profile even more. Since the release of his acclaimed bedroom steamer House of Balloons, the Toronto bred singer has kept very quiet aside from a few features in Complex and other publications. Digging even further, you realize that his heavy influence from The-Dream stretches farther than the recently leaked “Birthday Suit” demo that was intended for Drake.

Before he broke out on his own, Tesfaye worked with a songwriting/production team called The Noise and given the fact that once you’re discovered, people are going to want more from you – the unearthing of six new tracks from Abel tell us two things. One, this definitely shows that House of Balloons was a far more polished work than we began to think it was and two, Tesfaye’s a killer hook writer and can only go up with his pen talents.

Stream below, download link after the jump.

[via TWV] x [FADER]

DOWNLOAD: The Weekend – The Noise EP

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