More than any other sport (aside from wrestling maybe), boxing doesn’t let it’s greats fade out in a good way. They continue on, years after their brains and bodies say they shouldn’t for the love of fighting. For a period of time in the 90s and early 2000s, nobody could touch Roy Jones, Jr.. Arguably a fan favorite due to his grace and showmanship, his high point was easily dispatching of John Ruiz in 2003 to become the first former middleweight in 86 years to win a Heavyweight Title.

Reports have been out about Jones battling brain damage and slowed reflexes due to his years in the ring and his recent fight over in Russia proves that the game needs RJJ to simply retire before he winds up dying in the ring.

Against Denis Lebedev, Jones looked to have the fight in the bag, scoring a knockdown on a slip by Lebedev in the 9th round and merely had to stand up in order to get a win. Sadly, with his deteriorating skills on full display as well as him looking completely gassed for the first time by my eyes, Jones laid on the ropes and as the clip above suggests, was brutally knocked out on his feet.

If Jones is fighting for his financial troubles, there has to be a better way. No man should subject himself to being battered and bruised to appease the federal government but knowing Jones Jr. and his pride, he may want to fight, still believing he can win a few to turn things around.