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More and more, acceptance is starting to become a trend with Chris Brown. While he doesn’t have the Teflon like skills of Rick Ross pe rse, the long road back to being on the good side of public America has benefited Brown in his adult career. While his looks are still boyish and his charm may or may not be taken for those of say Usher around his 8701 days, he’ll bear the Scarlett Letter in remembrance of what occurred sometime in February.

“Should’ve Kissed You” is another in a long line of Brown tracks geared towards wooing women and getting them back on his side following his slightly traumatic 2009 and it feels odd looking at Breezy now attempt to pull following “Deuces” and “She Ain’t You”. Considering that F.A.M.E. is hitting gold as we speak, leave it to CB to tap into a well that will never run dry for him, no matter what happens to him.

As a bonus, check out his “Fools With You” slow burner that ended up on the cutting room floor when it came to his latest album.

Stream below, download links after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Chris Brown – Fools With You [right click, save as]