When we last left the Walter Cronkite of this generation, Jon Stewart he was defending Common inclusion into a White House Poetry Slam that drew the ire of FOX News. Common, the guy from the GAP commercials and awkward romantic comedies. FOX’s main rhetoric for disapproving Common was that he was friends with Jeremiah Wright and wrote a song for Assata Shakur, convicted of killing two New Jersey police officers in the 1970s.

Now, Stewart has mocked FOX on numerous occasions including recently on his own show but then decided to up the ante by appearing on FOX’s formerly highest rated show The O’Reilly Factor with Bill O’Reilly. Feeling that he could get Stewart in a on the spot debate, Bill attempted to turn up the head and wound up being defeated with ease.

Yes, Papa Bear attempted to cut Stewart off time and time again to get his point across but all of it was for naught with the death blow being the Springsteen/Bono/Bob Dylan comparison as all three of them have written songs about people who have allegedly killed officers in the line of duty and all three have found themselves on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue at one point in time.

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