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The Eastern Conference Finals had been hyped up for days on end following Miami’s dethroning of the Celtics and the Bulls doing what everyone expected of them by beating Atlanta in the ATL. We expected the MVP vs. Big Three battle to be a bit on the epic side considering all of the storylines going into it from Derrick Rose winning the league’s top honor while not necessarily needing LeBron James or Chicago native Dwyane Wade, how Chris Bosh & Carlos Boozer being two of the top three PFs and both of them not liking one another.

Toss in the entire Chicago beating Miami three straight during the regular season saga to it and you have the makings of possibly the best Conference Finals matchup since Lakers/Kings in 2002.

Game 1 went to the Bulls but Taj Gibson went ahead and decided to put his own stamp on the playoffs, essentially destroying the entire “D-Wade goes hard every play for a reason” mantra with one monstrous dunk. Let’s see if the Heat can regroup for Game 2 cause if Bosh of all people manned up on Boozer for 30 to lead all scorers – anything is possible.