For those of you who are avid readers of Day & A Dream, and fans of iLL LiaD, may remember that back in March, we here at D&D broke the news back in March (read the article here). Now it is nearing the end of May and iLL LiaD is quietly making his return. He is currently in the studio working on his sophomore album, Dope Sick. He plans to have the album out in July, and has thought of a nice little way to build up hype for the project. iLL has created, Suicide Fridays, a weekly promotional train that will feature a brand new iLL LiaD song every friday, he has told me personally that some of the biggest names in Houston will be featured in the series as well as on the album. Is it a little throwback to Kanye‘s album and his promo for it? Yes, is it a smart and well though tout approach to a new way of album promotion? Fuck yes (excuse my language, just excited). ¬†However you spin it, -iLL LiaD- is back and is going to shake up the scene as he did with Salvation. Dope Sick drops in July and Suicide Fridays starts soon.