Sean Faylon happens to be everywhere. Taking his motto to heart, the Philly born beared one plans on releasing the sequel to his Sean Faylon Be Everywhere on May 24th with notable features from Killer Mike, STS, Playboy Tre, Nikki Jean, Spree Wilson, Jackie Chain, Cornbread, Scar, Aleon Craft, Tony Williams, Killa Kyleon, Asaad, Rockwell Knuckles and Vandalyzm.

Not leaving the cupboard completely bare with a lot of dope emcees rhyming over air, Faylon enlists the beatmaking prowless of luminary producers Don Cannon, Dale Danja, Curtiss King, N A, Javis Faux, 7KING, PaperBoy Fabe, SLADE, Jansport J, Shiz Raw & Ronnie Notch.

Full tracklist below and I’m personally looking forward to how track #17 sounds.

01. SFBE Intro (prod. by Curtiss King)
02. This Far (prod. by N A)
03. Dig It (prod. by N A)
04. Everywhere (prod. by Dale Danja)
05. Talkin’ featuring Playboy Tre (prod. by Don Cannon)
06. Hands High (prod. by Dale Danja)
07. Just Landed feat. Jackie Chain (prod. by Javis Faux, co-prod. by 7KING)
08. Chasing (prod. by Javis Faux)
09. Let It Go (prod. by Javis Faux, co-prod. by 7KING)
10. Like Me feat. Cornbread (prod. by PaperBoy Fabe)
11. 1 U Call feat. Scar (prod. by SLADE)
12. Single Life Pt. 2 (prod. by Curtiss King)
13. Her Song feat. Aleon Craft (prod. by Dale Danja)
14. Slow Down feat. Playboy Tre and Tony Williams (prod. by N A)
15. The Fix feat. STS and Nikki Jean (prod. by N A)
16. My Cousin’s Funeral (prod. by Curtiss King)
17. The Riches feat. Killa Kyleon and Killer Mike (prod. by Jansport J)
18. Welfare feat. Tony Williams (prod. by Shiz Raw)
19. Dream feat. Spree Wilson and Asaad (prod. by Javis Faux)
Bonus: Word Gets Around feat. Rockwell Knuckles and Vandalyzm (prod. by Ronnie Notch)

[via HHDX]