Gruff voiced emcees are nothing new to Houston, we’re practically raised off the low treble men who write harrowing tales of pain and success through alternating song choices. They can run on smooth baritone or hazy and scuffed liked charcoal (see Trae Tha Truth) but either way you can’t go wrong since you’ll hear everything they say with absolute conviction.

Sounding like he’s been perfecting every line of his since 1995, Yung Truth issues out From The Dirt, a mixtape that more than likely will find its way into numerous tape decks across the city due to its various production switch ups (soul samples, banging 808s, traditionalist down south tempo & more), it’s subject matter and its wide ranging guests (from KAB Tha Don to Doughbeezy, Dante Higgins, Delo & John Dew).

With noteworthy singles such as “Time 2 Lay Em Down” & “Gettin’ It On”, From The Dirt works itself like an album, all strategic single choices with a proper identity.

Tracklist x Download link after the jump.

01. Time 2 Lay ‘Em Down (f. Doughbeezy)
02. Gettin’ Dough (f. Corey H)
03. I Feel Good (f. Dante Higgins & Delo)
04. Don’t Go (f. Exquisite)
05. Hit The Pedal
06. Eat Grind
07. Money By The Ton (f. Lil’ Jeff & KAB Tha Don)
08. Kush Clouds
09. Watch Her (f. Corey H)
10. Bow Down
11. Gettin’ It On (f. Doughbeezy, John Dew & Jett I. Masstyr)
12. Candy Drop (f. J Sixx & Drew)

DOWNLOAD: Yung Truth – From The Dirt