Relationships breed a different type of journalism.

Anything with a little pulp to it, a worldly figure cheating on his wife with multiple women, famed running back becomes high profile murder suspect, the Lakers walking along the streets of Downtown Dallas like they’d just experienced a Zombie Apocalypse will get attention from every angle, covered from every source and talked about for days – months and possibly years.

Most things that deal with Joe Budden, hip-hop’s most personal on wax and plighted star are talked about for a few days and mostly forgotten. Yes, even his stans will run the gamut of trying to tell you that Joey is the second coming, a man who’s been through so much label wise that if he found a second hit, he’d be plotting rap takeover and wouldn’t need three extra guys to showcase his own singular talent.

Because there is no closure to the cycle of Joe Budden, not as fate would tell it.

As time progresses, the story of Budden either gets mispronounced heavily (it’s nearly been ten years since his debut and the world still wants to refer to him as “Buddens”) or focused upon merely for his lone radio smash hit. At least that’s how hip-hop in the public eye wanted to tell it.

Then Joe added another dimension to his persona or loner emcee who had a fucked up childhood and turned it into battle rap prose: he started romancing and bedding some of the most known video vixens around, even introducing us to one that if you ever saw her in person, you’d might want to propose off top.

Here’s the thing with Budden and it may sound quite interesting: consider every Budden line you’ve heard since the mixtape days before the Mood Muzik series. How many of them have Joe actually taken the blame on? Is it that every Budden line, every event in his life has someone doing him wrong and he merely has music to fight it off?

Was only Jay-Z lying when Joey couldn’t reveal The Growth to a national audience and got placed in Def Jam Hell way before LA Reid made the world’s most legendary rap label a pop factory?

Was Next lying?

Was Tahiry lying?

Was Raekwon lying before he had one of his boys give Joey one piece? Better yet, why didn’t Joe retaliate on that but can scream on women and nobody rappers like he’s Tyson in his prime.

Even after “Ordinary Love Shit, Pt. 3” dropped and dropped bombshell after bombshell about his breakup with Esther Baxter, you couldn’t necessarily convince me that of all people, Joe Budden goes through a relationship and comes out the guy who we should root for every time out. Especially not root for him like The Breakfast Club was when he called in to talk about the track and his new single life.

Sarcasm wrote, “Maybe he’ll get another video girl and she’ll treat him right!” It’s not possible, the laws of physics and women don’t work like that – they NEVER work like that. As a man who’s had his fair share of relationships, nobody goes through every relationship without fault of their own. Still, when the world asked if there was a male version of Kat Stacks running around, who knew we’d find it in Budden of all people?

He can vent to Twitter as much as he possibly can but bad journalism and no filter on said journalism can completely ruin the perception someone has of another. When Bossip in all of its tackiness and foulness drops below Sandra Rose in tactics just to obtain a high hit count over something hip-hop was beginning to forget, I get a little weak on the inside.

What should have been over the moment Frank Ocean’s throbbing instrumental instead turned into something far more ugly once Bossip got their hands on a few images and decided to release them as breaking news. It’s a situation that went from just analyzing a breakup to analyzing the human condition and how writers & fact checkers like me and others have to defend ourselves whenever we’re lumped in the same category as those who are parasites and vultures looking for downfalls to reap personal gains.

We looked at Complex finding Earl Sweatshirt through awkward means a little weird but that was tame in comparison to what Bossip did and the editor that even condoned such an action shouldn’t be at the helm at this point. There’s a certain thing called respect and I believe in the world of gossip blogging, there’s no such thing.

My personal views of Joe Budden remain as any view I’ve had of him before: he’s a great rapper and puts his heart into situations attempting to do something he couldn’t do when he was young and that’s tell his side. I don’t look at rappers like they’re supermen or deities who happen to clutch pens, pads, Blackberries and microphones to enrich the masses. Budden is human, someone whose actions probably rank up there with the vilest if you only pay attention to what you hear from a singular side but will still have fans defending his every word.

Just do me a favor and keep it to yourself for a change.