If this news had dropped when I was in high school, my yearbook teacher would have jumped for joy. Somehow, Tupac Shakur‘s Live 2 Tell, the mythical screenplay he wrote while serving a prison sentence in 1995 (or if you still want to believe, at one of Fidel Castro’s mansions in Cuba) was bought for $11 million by Preston Holmes and Ivan Juzang’s NStar Studios. Shingle plans to put “Live 2 Tell” into production early next year.

As the story goes, Live 2 Tell is about “the story of a teenage drug lord and his efforts to leave a life of crime.” Kinda City of God meets Carlito’s Way if you think about it. Somehow, someway Tupac will still be making boatloads of money from beyond the grave, making it harder for the living to ever do anything to eclipse him.

[via Variety] x [FADER]