If your star wide receiver is getting arrested for things that are way beyond his control, don’t you think it’s time to end the NFL Lockout? That’s what happened to Pittsburgh Steelers wideout Hines Ward as he was mistakenly put in hand cuffs in Los Angeles. The officers thought that the vehicle Ward was in was stolen when in fact his female companion had retrieved the vehicle but forgot to tell officers that.

The Pittsburgh Steelers star, 35, and the female driver of the car were briefly handcuffed after police believed the vehicle was stolen, says TMZ.com. In fact, the driver herself had reported the car stolen, and had failed to alert police when she recovered it.

“It was an obvious mistake,” Ward’s rep, Andrew Ree, tells PEOPLE of the situation. “The police were doing their job.”

Both Ward and his companion were placed in handcuffs, though they were not arrested. After explaining the situation, they were allowed to leave.

Note to the Rooneys: Get Hines out of LA and back in Steeler black & gold. Also, watch the company he keeps considering that his female friends aren’t exactly bright enough to tell the cops that we found the car we thought was missing.

[via People]