Although she hadn’t released anything in a proper connotation in about two years, Amanda Diva still remains fresh on minds via social networking and little drops here and there. Her ascension to her current residing place in hip-hop as the 2011 Cree Summer with a penchant for prose and sixteens has come with its fair share of backlash, mostly from those not holding faith in the fact that the girl from My Brother & Me can serve up some of their favorite emcees of a platter.

Initial drawing power to Madame Monochrome, her latest free EP presented by DDotOmen & SoulCulture is obviously its production. Diva linked up with some of the most well known (Ski Beatz & James Poyser) and unknown but solid (BlacSoap) to give her standing stanza delivery a rising euphoria devoid of lulls. “Brand New” has Diva letting her vocals show out while Soap’s stretching of Kool & The Gang‘s “Summer Madness Remix” interpolates a little extra funk into the proceedings.

The EP’s lead track to the public, “Manchild” has Diva utilizing the sort of oratory skills that make her a welcome sight on college campuses across the country over a sturdy selection of drums and tambourines to paint the picture of man lost, too proud and stubborn to listen. It’s Diva’s voice that carries most of the EP, a freedom fighter behind a big smile and a large volume of crinkly hair and a definite addition to any one who loves a fine mix of poetry, reality and female wit.

Tracklist x Download link after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Amanda Diva – Madame Monochrome