Praise the Almighty for social networks such as Twitter for rap artists to dispel items about much needed to know information. Considering that J. Cole doesn’t Tweet as much as a guy who just went through all of the emotions for a breakup, seeing Young Simba go out of his mind on the tweets showed that he had reached the moment to let a little info out.

Is the album coming? Summer. Are the singles ready to be unleashed on the world? Yes. Is the head honcho of the Roc satisfied with everything? That and then some.

So what about the B-side he let loose entitled “Disgusting”? Its the sort of triple double that a Hornet from New Orleans put on the Lakers in the 1st Round. Chorus, beat, raps all done by Cole and the man of a million flows shows off what got him to the big dance: agile punchlines, wit and slightly complex metaphors (“Yeah we know you got college degrees, but we got pryors/priors like Richard”). Looks like you might need a blanket this summer. Cole World’s coming.

Stream below, download links after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: J. Cole – Disgusting [right click, save as] | Mediafire