Are we still hitting people with SXSW material? Yes, why the hell not? Here’s Longhorn Hip-Hop‘s interview with C-Stone during the festival and Stone wasted no time getting into his laundry list of moves being made whether it be mixtapes, collaborations, albums and colognes. Sadly, just like the Killa Kyleon interview you’ll have to follow through with this thing via a transcript which Jasdeep was kind enough to provide down below.

Jasdeep: What’s up y’all this is Jasdeep, I’m here with Longhorn HipHop. We’re at the [SXSW] showcase here in Austin, Texas on 6th Street. I’m here with the man C-Stone!

C-Stone: What’s goin dyne?!

J: So C-Stone, tell us a little bit about you’re South by Southwest experience so far.

C: Man so far it’s been crazy, you know I really wanna say this is really my first year participating because last year we just did the Grammy party and left. You know what I’m saying we hit the club and other than that I’ve really been active. Longhorn HipHop has been showing a lot of love the whole weekend with the interviews, the showcase, it’s a real good thing that they’re doing for artists especially because I rep Texas so hard and “Longhorn”, it all goes together. It’s a lot of Texas artists out here representing and it’s a real good experience.

J: Alright, well can you tell us about what kind of projects you have in the making? Or what is out for you right now?

C: My thing is like I said I represent Texas so hard and I always hear people being on the road with Paul, people like ‘man I wanna see Texas back where it was’ and this and that. So I really represent Texas on the level to where I’m trying to get the support back where it needs to be. Because I’m a living example that the artists are still gonna be putting out their music; it’s just up to the supporters to get it. No disrespect to any other artists from any other city or any other state, but if Slim Thug drops an album and B.o.B drops an album, they go get the B.O.B. album because of the hype, you know what I’m sayin. But we just need that support as Texas artists we need to support each other because Texas is so big we could sell a million records right here. So a lot of my upcoming projects is focused on getting Texas back behind me, getting Texas behind Texas, and that’s what it is. I got like 4 or 5 on the way. I got a project with Tum Tum out of Dallas I just dropped. I got a solo mixtape I just dropped. I got a mixtape with Z-Ro coming out. I got an album with Lil’ Flip coming out. A Gansta Grillz with DJ Drama and Paul Wall coming out. And a solo album again. I’m just workin’, man.

J: Nice man, so your music is terrific, so in your eyes where do you try to take HipHop as an artist?

C: I try to take HipHop back to reality. Being real, not so much as just entertainment but reality. Give people something they can wake up to, listen to and be motivated on their way to class. Listen to and be motivated on their way to work. Not so much just partying, you know sometimes you listen to so much party music you forget about reality. You forget about those bills, you forget about the bigger things so I’m just trying to bring reality back and speak on realness and real subject matters that everybody can relate to. We’re still gonna have a good time I’m not going to be all sad because you know, everything in life isn’t bad. But you gotta take bad for the good and you still gotta point that out though.

J: Yeah yeah! Alright one more thing, I know you’re from Houston, how important is it for you to keep up with the roots of Houston music? Like you know, Dj Screw era?

C: Correction! I’m originally from Kileen, Texas.

J: Kileen! My fault. Sorry about that.

C: No no it’s all good but with that being said, coming up like I said I looked up to Paul Wall, Chamillionaire, UGK, all the Texas artists. I grew up on that because being from Kileen it was like a pipeline, it was being fed to us so hard, that’s what I looked up to. So as far as keeping up; you know I always pay respect and just collaborate with them. I got songs on my album with Z-Ro, Trae, Slim Thug, Paul Wall, J Dawg, Killa Kyleon, everybody that I ever grew up listening to I really got songs with and I’ve collabed with. And it’s not about keeping up with me, you know it’s just being humble enough to be on a song with them and experience having them on a song. It means a lot to me. And that’s just what it is! I’m just trying to put my name in that list as a Legendary Texas artist and I have a long way to go but I’m here and I ain’t going nowhere.

J: Awesome awesome, it’s a pleasure having you out here with us.

C: Thank you man, Longhorn HipHop, big shouts out to everybody on the staff, the whole team, they always show C-Stone “The Breadwinner” love. BREADWINNER.BIZ is the website for music, clothes, I got “Smell Like Money” cologne, that’s If y’all need to book me or need anything from C-Stone hit up D-Will 713- 429-3283. That’s what it is.

J: That’s C-Stone we’re out here for South by Southwest doing it big!