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Let’s take a moment to look back at Chris Brown‘s fourth disc F.A.M.E., shall we? In a sense, it’ll be dominated by a few singles, namely “Look At Me Now”, “Beautiful People”, “Deuces” & this Michael Jackson tip hat. Some absurdities such as “Wet The Bed” featuring Ludacris play into Breezy making music for grown folks but then again he’s been making those such tracks since “Poppin'” from his eponymous debut.

All in all, Breezy got a bit schitzo making F.A.M.E. even including a Justin Beiber feature for good measure and it’s done its job giving Brown a #1 album and a confidence to make more single driven albums. Which if you think about it – is kinda how Thriller was set up. While we’re not comparing the two albums (and we already know which one is far superior), you can see where Brown got his inspiration, and the video here is just more acknowledgment that the King of Pop remains with his crown.