Ten years ago, I was excused from going to afternoon class for the rest of the day at Missouri City Middle School. Before leaving the house that day I saw the early news reports that there was a fire at the World Trade Center. Thought nothing of it and moved on to school.

Wasn’t until shop class that I realized it wasn’t an ordinary fire. That it was a calculated and planned attack. I didn’t really feel anything except sadness and a sense of “what the hell is going to happen in the world” next to me and the country. This was before a tiny jail stint, probation and other bullshit that life throws you that you either avoid or run right through and figure things out later.

And now the man behind those attacks happens to be dead.

Am I supposed to celebrate like a man who had won the World Series? Or the “Best Blogger Alive” title? I think I’m going to feel a bit relieved now considering that the majority of my days now are spent inside of an airport and they’ll have to change that FBI Most Wanted sign to move somebody else up to the front spot.

I knew Obama would take the credit (who wouldn’t considering who it was) and I knew patriotism would swing high due to the news but the organic way it was released via text, messenger, BBM, social media made those chants of “USA” initially seem sporadic but felt proud. Like riding through the streets of Houston with the windows down bumping Fat Pat’s Ghetto Dreams album when you first heard it.

As the lovable cynic that I am, I hope that Osama’s death brings forth sweeping change considering that al Qaeda was never a hierarchy but a network. Lessen the stranglehold on gas prices, make security a little easier at the airports, you know – the shit we wish would happen before Osama was dead. But at least for a night or more I can say that America’s Public Enemy #1 is dead and a page of American history finally gets a footnote.

Thank you to the troops overseas who’ve been fighting this fight since 9/12 and all the men and women who have died fighting this fight. Here’s to you.