God save the Queen, or don’t let her meet Tyler, the Creator. The Odd Future front man covers Britian’s top music publication NME and openly discussed the Royal wedding that occurred earlier this morning. Much like the rest of us, we didn’t care about a wedding that went down around 5 AM stateside but leave it to Tyler to drop a humorous quote for us all.

NME: Will and Kate and their upcoming wedding? No?
Tyler: Who the f*ck is that? N*gga, I’m from Compton.

See? By the way, reading reports that there were exes a plenty at this thing (five for William, two for Kate) means that wedding had more drama packed inside of that room than the 96 Source Awards once the East Coast/West Coast feud really kicked off. More scans from the interview below.

[via Semtex] x [NME]

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