Much has already been said about Kobe Bryant‘s ankle and how it may be the end of the Los Angeles Lakers in the playoffs. For at least three of the games in their first round series with the New Orleans Hornets, KB24 looked like he didn’t have the same fire in him that guided him to taking home five titles and two Finals MVPs.

With much of the world paying attention to the ankle to see how it would hold up, Bryant unleashed two dunks that brought back memories of him destroying Steve Nash back in the “Smush Parker is our PG” Laker days. Let’s be honest, the ankle was fine all along and Kobe needed a little added motivation to pull his guys out of the upset bracket. Up top is the moment the Lakers really took over Game 5 against the Bees from the N.O. with the facial and man card pulling of Emeka Okafor. Then for kicks after the jump, see Bean use Mortal Kombat and steal Carl Landry‘s soul, prompting Hornets head coach Monty Williams to hit the “I didn’t like that, not at all!” face.