Remember Killa Season? I’m not talking about the album that had the Jay-Z disses and one of my favorite strip club joints featuring Lil Wayne, I’m talking the film that was so bad it was good. Unlike his Oscar worthy performance in Paid In Full, Cam played himself in some of the greatest awkward acting in history. While I may be dismayed along with the rest of the DipSet

Thankfully, there’s gonna be a sequel. Cam’s been in the works to put out a sequel to his “hood classic” as well as a film for Cousin Bang. According to Cam, “Killa Season 2 comes out this December. Shout out to Queen Latifah and Shakim for helping us out with that.”

If you can’t remember some of the tomfoolery in the original Killa Season, here’s the “No Homo” scene for your viewing pleasure.

[via HHDX]