How often do you get to hear a baritone so deep in music that it could double as its own virtual 12′ speaker? For Houston’s Kiro, it’s the gravel voiced kicking that doesn’t necessarily feel like its being rattled off in couplets and alliteration but rather the sort of prose that you see a grandfather tell his grandkids on how he was raised and how life was for him growing up.

Ro’s slow yet purposeful demeanor propels Last of the Mohicans from cautionary street tales lost on wax to those implanted firmly in the mental capabilities of those who listen. It isn’t all tough talk considering that Ro has crooner Leo Solomon providing backing vocals on standout cuts such as “Thoughts” and “I Know”. However, Ro is perfectly capable of sticking hsi chest out to the world, thumping with the best of them in that effortless sludge like vocal pattern of his, effectively lurching over the competition so that every word from him is felt, articulated and precise.

Released via Bandcamp, LOTM finds Kiro standing on a particular path, one of Houston’s interesting characters who doesn’t get much recognition but when you hear him he’s one of young Houston’s sages.