Analyzing Iceman Chamberlain‘s Stay Calm brings varying results. On one hand, it portrays itself as a mixalbum, a confident mix of smooth production from Desmo & Top Sheld Production along with industry beats from the likes of J. Cole, Reflection Eternal, N.E.R.D. & Jay Electronica. Manicured beat selection is key in mixtape releases these days, especially if its an artist’ first official salvo to the world, putting his name in an already stuffed hat of “unappreciated rappers with a voice”. There, the 19-year old New York to Houston transplant shines.

When he’s not freestyling over some of his favorite laid back beats, save “Exhibit C” considering that its more of a triumphant arrival than hazy also ran, Chamberlain proves that he’s capable of creating album worthy cuts such as the blaxpoitation worthy “Black Dynamite” featuring Authentic Snoopy and Ryan Jones and “Living Lavita” featuring the men of 2-Twenty themselves in an ode to the up & coming fashion line.

For Bryan Diaz, Stay Calm.. represents the interesting idiosyncrasy of a man who’s boastful and sublime in his own daily approach. Yet, he has a picture of a mushroom cloud on the cover and a skit from Scary Movie 3 fit in between his own self adulation on wax. Makes for an interesting listen and tosses another dimension into the idea of what a young star crossed rapper represents.

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