See that image above? The gentleman in the green shirt is responsible for some of Houston’s most refined audio work sounding the way it does. That man would be James Kelley, guitarist and engineer for The Niceguys. While you can notice Montana, Yves Saint and Joe Dex in the background, your main focus should be on the dog, Sia, the worn blue Auburn cap and the bottle in James’ hand – Jack Daniels.

Those are the items that represent James Kelley the most. Well that and his state of the art studio that I’ll be visiting in the coming weeks for an in-depth interview. Here however is the focus for The James Kelley EP the small snippet the guys are working on as a slight follow up to the show. And they’re calling designers to help create the perfect cover for it. You design it, they pick it, you get credit when the EP drops.

Rules? Simple and the bottom is via The Guys themselves..

1. Submit a PDF, JPEG, GIF, or PNG file to on or before the deadline, FRIDAY JUNE 10th, 2011 at 10pm CST. (There are no limits on size, but if the file is too large for email attachment, you are welcome to upload the piece to a file transfer site and send the link to download as well)

2. Provide contact information for yourself to be reached if you are chosen as the winner: Full Name, Address and best phone number to be reached on. The Pi Group will send you your official copy of the EP once it is released. Your contact information will solely be used for the use of this contest exclusively and will not be shared with anyone.

3. There are no limits to your submissions, feel free to submit as many pieces as you like, The Niceguys will vote on their favorite pieces and a winner will be chosen from those, but you are more than welcome to submit as many designs as you like.

4. There are limits on mediums, Paint, Sculpt, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Pencil, Scanners, etc. What ever medium of creation that you are comfortable and familiar with is at your disposal. Create with no restrictions, we want your best work.

Get to work folks.