Only at a mixer for an artist that attends everyone else’s mixers does it turn into a virtual family reunion. In one of those, “you had to be there to see it” moments, Doughbeezy‘s Reggie Bush & Kool-Aid mixer included the following: people bringing their OWN pitchers of Kool-Aid, a rumored $500 blunt and an army of dudes with bald fades.

Or in short, a family reunion where there was no violence and about 3,000 “cousins” in attendance. For an artist of his 5’6″ stature, The Beez virtually invited everyone from the South East and they obliged, packing SF2 to the brim. At near capacity, it felt like the club scene from a motion picture where you had to slide through 200 guys in t-shirts just to get to your target.

Flanked by Yung Truth, KAB Tha Don, Big Game & DJ Mr. Luke in separate intervals, The Beez handled the crowd like a star would, even having people decide to get his autograph. People genuinely have a strong belief in the guy and that’s beyond his doting GF/supporter who refers to herself as Mrs. Doughbeezy. In other words, she’s the head of the Houston Rap Girlfriend Troupe and all actions by the significant others of Houston rappers must be approved by her. Or so it seems.

True, The South East Beast’s mixtape blared quite loudly from the speakers and prompted many acapella performances from those in attendance even though the tape had only been available for no more than seven, eight hours at the most. Even at his most humble, The Beez passed adulation on to those other Houston artists in attendance such as Dante Higgins, Delo and more. At one point, Dough rattled off Higgins verse from their “HAM” collaboration and the crowd followed in unison.

While a full review of the tape (our first mixtape review in the near two years of operation here) will be coming soon as well as the actual video for “Pass The Swisher”, check the visual recap above shot by Chiefdoodle.