As a sucker for sample sets, I couldn’t blame anyone for immediately wanting hasHBrown‘s Relaitonshit in its producerial essence (c. Phonte). Lauded already for being one of Houston’s best releases in the first quarter of 2011, the rapper/producer gives everyone what they want by releasing the cache of instrumentals used to make Relationshit such a great project.

The producer alter ego Jett I. Masstyr had other ideas in mind and since it was he that put in the work to give the project a backbone, he enlisted the help of H.I.S.D‘s own DJ Flash Gordon Parks to drop in a mix of the samples used to create the EP. After hearing bits of these samples while interviewing the man about a month or so ago, I’m glad to see these finally available to the public.

Tracklist & download link(s) after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Jett I. Masstyr – Relationsh*t (Instrumentals & Samples) | Alt. Link