Rebel Je’ – Odd Rebel

And now a word from Rebel Je'
I'm trying to adjust my hustle to this new generation of listeners and, what i have come to discover is... if you're not continuously putting something out there they will get bored. So if Day & A Dream doesn't mind I'm planning on being a problem. BTW, I'm removing this from the 5'th mixtape and dropping it now before the beat gets played out. Needless to say I have some catching up to do.
So yes, we get the exclusive "Yonkers" freestyle as Je' subplants Tyler, the Creator's destructive flow and adds his own, making comparisons to Nardwuar and packing more quoteables than your local US Weekly. If Je' is planning on using us as his outlet for verbal discrepancy then who are we to say no? Stream below, download link after the jump. [audio=|lefticon=fffffffff|leftbg=0000000|righticon=fffffffff|rightbg=0000000|width=618] DOWNLOAD: Rebel Je' - Odd Rebel [right click, save as] | Mediafire



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